14. February 2019
I remember always loving art as a child Loving art is an art to me When February approached we would take out our scissors in class Cut out hearts and put them on another construction called paper It held everything together That solid paper that I’d like to think of as a wall I’d write to who I loved, usually mommy or daddy Signing like graffiti, I announced my tag It was huge Iloveu I got older, and those walls grew higher My signage got more complex, some would say smaller Dots to those...
08. November 2018
This piece of hell that's peeking through from my heaven. Are you okay with where you’re going? This moment like all pleasures are impermissible. So why do you cling to it? The homeless person is more liberated than you.
07. July 2018
Loving yourself...
02. March 2018
Sometimes things we think are good don't work for all areas..